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Digital support for parents of seriously ill children!

In collaboration with children's hospitals and non-profit organizations the Auerbach Foundation helps to develop Apps for parents of seriously ill children. We call this applications "digital life-savers". Applications support the parents dealing with their everyday life. Functions like a digital diary, a messenger, an emergency push-button and a medication schedule are included.

Our first lifeassistant project: We support the NeoApp from the Foundation 'Deutsche Stiftung Kranke Neugeborene'

The parents of seriously ill children, for instance of premature infants, have to face many challenges. At first there is a period of intense, life-enabling medical care in the hospital that often lasts for months. Then comes the adaption phase at home. And if the child is recovered the "normal" life can start over again. Whether the child recovers completely or not the everyday life will come back anyway - a new life routine occurs.

After the time at the hospital the parents have to accomplish complex medical support for their childern at home: for instance artificial nutrition, accurate administration of necessary medicine or proper use of life-sustaining devices.

We enable digital assistance for parents of seriously ill children!

Deutsche Stiftung Kranke Neugeborene