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Helping people to help themselves

We can make it possible that common welfare ideas are actually realised. In the sense of our Founder and with our fullest conviction we work on the principle of "Helping people to help themselves". The projects we support are planned and realised by our project partners on an independent basis. At the beginning, the Auerbach Foundation is there with their staff to help the project partners as start helpers and motivators. We provide financial and non-material support and want the projects to be able to stand on their own two feet on a medium- and long-term basis.

For us "Helping people to help themselves" means sustainable support!

Responsibility growing from autonomy

We have the freedom to invest our Foundation funds in common welfare projects. And our responsibility as a Foundation grows from this autonomy. By sponsoring meaningful, innovative and necessary projects we pass on this degree of autonomy to our project partners. This autonomy generates a responsibility to use the funds appropriately and produce a social impact. For us autonomy is responsibility. This applies not only for us, but also for all our partners.

We are all responsible for what we do!

Transparency creates trust

We disclose the origins and use of the Foundation funds. We are pleased to give our applicants the reasons for project approvals or refusals. We also report on the support projects and the projects initiated by the Foundation itself. We are pleased to inform you on this and invite you to join in the dialogue.

Trust comes from commitment and reliable partnerships!

Impact is our benchmark

We invest in the common good. Our Foundation work is successful when the projects can display their positive impacts within the society. With a careful selection of projects, continual development of quality, plus a competent supervision of our project partners, we can increase the prospects of success. The Foundation funding serves the common good and people in general.

We are shaping the future!