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The Chairman – Steffen Heil

Steffen Heil is the Chairman of the Auerbach Foundation. After graduating in Marketing and Communication in 2003, he became the Managing Director of the Institute for Social Marketing in Stuttgart. There he developed business strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Marketing and Communication. In this function he supported numerous foundations in their set-up phase, their strategic development and reorientation. As a member of the Auerbach Foundation, he has taken on board the motto of the Foundation -"Helping people to help themselves" - and in future wants to further this consistently and innovatively in support and Foundation projects.

Steffen Heil was born in 1974 in Karlsruhe; he is married and has two children.

"The task entrusted to me by the Auerbach family is for me a privilege and also immense motivation. As a foundation, we want to fulfil the will and intention of the benefactors in keeping with the times, and keep the focus of our work on the support projects and our own Foundation projects. We want to be judged by what we do."

Chairwoman - Yvonne Auerbach

Yvonne Auerbach is the honorary Chairwoman of the Auerbach Foundation.

In 2009 the graduate controller took on the responsibility of management support for the Auerbach Foundation. Ms. Auerbach was born in 1986 in Tettnang and currently lives in Heilbronn.

"My parents always supported us in everything we did and had trust and confidence in us. I am extremely grateful to be able to pass on these values and this stance and to orientate the work of the Foundation along these lines."