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The Founder – Mr. Tjark Auerbach

  • The founder of the Foundation, Tjark Auerbach, was born in Munich in 1957 and grew up in a family of teachers, doctors and educators. He is the eldest of three children and learned a great deal about life from his family environment. He learned, for example, that life does not deal everyone the same hand of cards and it can often be very expensive to “buy” the help that is needed. Tjark Auerbach trained as an assistant electrical engineer, worked in the PC trade and completed his training as an electronics engineers at the Tettnang College of Electronics.

    In 1986 the head of the family set up his first business in Tettnang with a colleague: H + B EDV, an IT company. The letters H and B stand for Hannelore and Betty, the wives of the two founders.

  • The company’s core business was importing special software for operating systems (“utility software”) to Germany from the US. But the casually-dressed entrepreneur was soon to discover something that would go on to become his future passion: computer security.

    In 1988 H+BEDV Datentechnik launched AntiVir, one of the first anti-virus programmes. Two years later, Tjark Auerbach, along with Martin Ritter and Norbert Huth, converted the company into a GmbH. H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH started in 1990 with six employees and just kept on growing. Today the company, now renamed Avira, has around 500 employees worldwide, all intent on increasing security in the virtual world through effective software solutions. The partners and directors earmark a proportion of the turnover from the sale of these solutions to increase security in the real world.