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Welcome to the Auerbach Foundation

  • The Auerbach Foundation makes an important contribution to providing protection and security in today’s world. It supports charitable and social projects, as well as the arts, sciences and culture. In doing so, it can curb economic, mental, emotional and physical hardships.

    There can be no freedom without security.

    And Hannelore and Tjark Auerbach are convinced of this and that’s why they have set about to ensure that people in need get more security.

  • Tjark Auerbach, the founder of the Auerbach Foundation, is also a partner in the enterprise, Avira.

    What Avira does is to develop products to protect the virtual world, and so it was only natural that the desire evolved to help people in the real world on a long-term basis, and thus the Auerbach Foundation was born.

    For every online purchase of the consumer products, Avira passes five euros per product on to the Auerbach Foundation. The price of the products is still the same, only in the case of an online purchase non-profit organisations benefit from the five euros to the full, and that with the blessing of the tax office.

    Take a look at the many different projects on the following pages and get to know the Auerbach Foundation and see what they are doing. We would be delighted if you could also support us with a donation.

  • Recent Project

    FIZ e.V.

    The FIZ e.V. association is the "Local Alliance for Families" in Sendenhorst and Albersloh. In cooperation with the FIZ e.V. network a level has been achieved where the focus can be ...

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